2009 Teams results

2009 JOOLA North American Teams Elite Division Results

November 27-29 2009

Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD

The 2009 JOOLA North American Teams Championship brought exceptional play to center court. Teams from five continents entered, but in the end only one could take home the $10,000 first place prize! Here are the results of the Elite Division, beginning with Saturday’s Round Robin results: 

 (Winners and runners-up for all divisions can be found here.)

 Division 1A  

1 Team Germany (losing only one match)
2 East China University 1 (losing only one match except for the tie with Germany)
3 The Diplomats
4 SPiN New York Mad Classics
5 Canada 2

Division 1B

1 Canada 1 (losing 2 to East China University 2 and 1 each to  NYAC Women and Mexico)
2 East China University (losing only two matches outside of the tie with Canada 1)
3 NYAC Women’s Team
4 Mexico (losing a 5-4 tie to NYAC Women)
5 METTA A (Philippines)

Division 1C

1 MyTableTennis dot NET Elite (losing only two matches)
3-way tie for the critical second position:
2 NYTTC 3 (tie break percentage: .563)
3 .Bay Area Elite (tie break percentage: .471)
4 NYAC/STL TT (tie break percentage: .467)
5 Baltimore Brawlers

Division 1D:  

1 Grace Lin 1 (losing 3 East China University 3, 2 to Fuhua 2  and 1 each to NYAC/NYTTC 1 and JOOLA+1)
2 NYAC/NYTTC 1 (also losing 3 to East China University 3 and 1 each to JOOLA+1 and Fuhua 2)
3 East China University 3 (losing only two matches outside of the two losing ties)
4 Wang Chen’s Table Tennis Women’s Team
5 Fuhua 2


Germany over East China University 2 5-0

Rosskopf beats Geng, Ya Ning 5,7,6
Wosik beats Dai, NingYang 8,7,6
Stehle beats Cai, Shanshan -6,10,9,7
Rosskopf beats Dai 6,5,-5,8
Stehle over Geng 8,8,9

MyTableTennis dot NET Elite over New York Athletic Club/NYTTC 1;  5-1

Chen, Hao over Gao, YanJun 9,2,-6,3
Zhou, Xin over Ernesto Ebuen, Jr 13,7,5
Ma, Yawei loses to David Zhuang 3,-11,7,-12,5
Zhou, Xin over Gao, Yan Jun 9,8,6
Ma, Yawei over Ebuen 7,6,-9,5

Grace Lin 1  over NYTTC 3  5-2

Du, Cheng Yi over Chen, Guo 11,-7,7,-10,8
Li, Hu over Peng, Ying 7,7,9
Zhu, Wen Tao loses to Liang, An Hong 8,8,-6,-5,7
Li, Hu over Chen, Guo -9,7,8,-7,6
Du, Cheng Yi loses to Liang, An Hong 3,7,2
Zhu, Wen Tao over Peng, Ying 6,6,11
Li, Hu over Liang, An Hong 11,6,-10,2

Canada over East China University 1;  5-3

Pierre-Luc Hinse loses to Tang, Li Ying -9,8,9,8
Eugene Wang beats Ma, YuFei -6,9,4,5
Pradeeban loses to Liu, Juan 18,6,7
Eugene Wang over Tang, Li Ying 8,7,9
Hinse loses to Liu Juan -9,9,11,5
Pradeeban beats Ma, YuFei -2,7,-9,5,6
Eugene beats Liu, Juan 7,11,-7,2
Pradeeban beats Tang, Li Ying 5,8,8


MyTableTennis dot NET over Team Germany; 3-1

Chen, Hao over Wosik 8,6,-7,9
Zhou, Xin over Rosskopf 10,-4,-6,6,7
Ma, Yawei loses to Stehle -10,5,-4,7,7
Zhou, Xin over Wosik 9,9,5

Grace Lin 1 over Canada 1;  3-0

Zhu, Wen Tao over Eugent 9,8,11
Li, Hu over Pradeeban -8,4,5,-9,7
Du, Cheng Yi over Hinse 13,-3,5,4


Grace Lin 1 over MyTableTennis dot NET; 3-1

Li, Hu over Chen Hao 5,6,6
Zhu, Wen Tao over Zhou, Xin 8,7,-7,7
Du, Cheng Yi loses to Ma, Yawei 5,6,7
Li, Hu over Zhou, Xin 8,9,2