2009 Berkeley Open

The 2009 Berkeley Open

September 5-6, 2009
Berkeley, CA
UC Berkeley, CA

Back to where we started the season!  But by now, the field is swelling, the juniors are improved, the drama of the events to date have built new rivalries!  Unchanged is the gracious and helpful nature of our hosts, the UC Berkeley TT club.  What better way to spend Labor Day Weekend?

Three full basketball courts with bleachers are our home for the weekend, well-lit, wooden floored and air conditioned.  Parking is tight in Berkeley; early arrivals will like the paid lot across the street.  There are tons of restaurant choices in easy walking distance in this college setting.  Seats at the playing hall are usually at a premium, so if you own a folding chair this is the time to bring it! 

The atmosphere is friendly and convivial and play in the Open and upper divisions is top-notch.  Umpires working this event under the direction of Dr. Azmy Ibrahim have been among America’s best.  NATT underwrites activity fees for the UC Berkeley Golden Bears Table Tennis Club in exchange for the hall, so playing here supports Collegiate Table Tennis. 

Dr. Azmy Ibrahim, IR

Event Staff:
Richard Lee, Wendy Troy, Alan Williams, Mary Palmar, John Miller , Herb Hodges and Tom Nguyen

Proof of Membership:
All participants must be able to show proof of current membership with USATT or an ITTF recognized body.
Membership can be renewed or purchased at the event.

UC Berkeley Recreational Sports Facility Field House.  Berkeley, CA. 2301 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA

Official Tournament Equipment:
JOOLA Tables, Barriers and Orange 40mm 3 star balls.

Entry Deadline:
Entries must be postmarked by FRIDAY, August 21, 2009

Starts at 8AM on September 5, 2009

After the entry deadline, no refunds.

Ratings from the July/August issue of the USATT Magazine will be used for qualifications.  Seedings based on most current ratings.

Players may not enter two events with identical start times.  Events can be cancelled or combined at the discretion of the tournament committee.  No prizes will be awarded for splits,dumps, default losses or no-shows.  Play will be conducted under ITTF rules and NATT policies.  USATT dress code will be enforced.  All decisions of the referee are final.

San Francisco International(SFO)
Oakland International(OAK)

Official Tournament Hotel: Courtyard Oakland Emeryville, 5555 Shellmound Street, Emeryville, CA, 94608, (510) 652-8777. Ask for the Table Tennis room block to get a $109/night rate for both single and double beds.

2009 Berkeley Open
Schedule of Events
Event Name Date Time Cost Champion Finalist Semis Quarters  
Open Singles SAT 10:30 AM $45 $1,500 $700 $300 $125  
Women’s Singles SAT 1:30 PM $30 $200 $100

The Ying-Lo Junior Competitions

U22 Men’s RR SUN 10AM $25 $80 $40
U22 Women’s RR SUN 10AM $25 $80 $40
U18 Boys RR SAT 10 AM $20 $50 $25
U18 Girls RR SAT 10 AM $20 $50 $25
U16 Boys RR SUN 2:30 PM $20 A A
U16 Girls RR SUN 2:30 PM $20 A A
U13 Boys RR SAT 12:00 PM $20 A A
U13 Girls RR SAT 12:00 PM $20 A A
U10 Boys RR SUN 11:30 AM $20 A A
U10 Girls RR SUN 11:30AM $20 A A

Sol Feingold Memorial Senior Events: Presented by Mr. & Mrs. Stanley and Olga Kahan

Over 40 RR SUN 10AM $25 $100 $50
Over 50 RR SAT 9AM $25 $80 $40
Over 60 RR SUN 2:30 PM $25 $60 $30

Rating Events

U2500 SE SAT 9AM $25 $150 $75
U2375 RR SAT 6:30PM $25 $100 $50
U2250 RR SAT 12 PM $25 $100 $50
U2125 RR SUN 11:30 AM $25 $80 $40
U2000 RR SAT 3PM $25 $80 $40
U1850 RR SUN 1 PM $25 $60 $30
U1700 RR SUN 10AM $25 $60 $30
U1550 RR SAT 3PM $20 A A
U1400 RR SAT 10:30AM $20 A A
U1250 RR SAT 6PM $20 A A
U1100 RR SAT 1:30PM $20 A A
U950 RR SAT 9AM $20 A A
U800/Novice RR SAT 4:30 PM $20 A A

Doubles Events

U4200 Doubles SE SUN 9AM $15 $80 $60
U3200 Doubles SE SUN 9AM $15 $40 $30