2005 Lafayette Open

Stefan Feth has just won 3 tournaments in a row. The man is on fire! Read more for the rest of the results from this weekeknd. Log in to check out tournament pictures!

2005 Western Open On The 2005 Stiga North American Tour
Event Name
Open Singles
Stefan Feth
David Zhuang
Women’s RR
Judy Hugh
Svetlana Panich
Ying/Lo Junior Competitions Under 22 Men’s RR
Rahu Nadmichettu
Abdul Khan
Ying/Lo Junior Competitions Under 22 Women’s RR
Sabrina Worrell
Amanda Dubina
Ying/Lo Junior Competitions Under 16 Boys RR
Kevin Lee
Keahan Mokhtari
Ying/Lo Junior Competitions Under 16 Girls
Annie Guo
Ying/Lo Junior Competitions U13 RR
Keahan Mokhtari
Namkyu Oh
Ying/Lo Junior Competitions U13 Girls
Mackenzie Friend
Feingold Memorial Over 40 RR
Barry Dattell
Andreas Muenchow
Feingold Memorial Over 50 RR
Donald Feltenberger
Frank Gigliotti
Feingold Memorial Over 60 RR
Martin J. Theil III
Fred Kistler
Under 2500 SE
Ludovic Gombos
Pierre-Luc Hinse
Under 2375 RR
Pierre-Luc Hinse
Courtney Roberts
Under 2250 RR
Abdul Khan
Nazruddin Asgarali
Under 2125 RR
Alden Fan
Wesley Fan
Under 2000 RR
Trieu Chieu
Sabrina Worrell
Under 1850 RR
Andrew Wheeler
Jean-Hugo Drouillet
Under 1700 RR
Robert Euvino
Daniel Stadden
Under 1550 RR
Daniel Stadden
Andy Pelshe
Under 1400 RR
Quang Chia
Steven Neumann
Under 1250 RR
Todd Friend
Andy Owens
Under 1100 RR
Gil Aboodi
Ron Pajor
Under 950 RR
Ryan Bair-Madrigal
Albert Chieu
Under 800/Unrated RR
Patrick Li
Allen Wang
Under 4200 Doubles SE

Courtney Roberts & Sabrina Worrell

Dinko Kranjac & Andre Scott

Under 3200 Doubles SE

Fred Kistler & Jeff McCandless

Jean Hugo Drouillet & Quang Chia