2006 Junior Olympics


 Thank You to all the participants of the 2006 Junior Olympics!

AAU Junior Olympics and USATT Junior Nationals
July 28th, 29th and 30th, 2006
Chesapeake, VA

Growth is good.  It is my happiness to report that at the annual AAU Junior Olympics competitions we saw growth, not only in the event but also from the participants.  This is, after all, a celebration of youth, a chance for US juniors to compete for Amateur Athletic Union medals and USA Table Tennis honors.  In addition to the awards listed below, it’s a pleasure to report as well that the players, coaches and parents honored themselves through their outstanding sportsmanship during the competition.

NATT was, once again, the competition’s organizer.  We were joined at the control desk by Wendell Dillon, the highly distinguished International Referee, head of USA Table Tennis Rules and Officials Committee.  USATT President Sheri Pittman also attended, both as an avid spectator and presenter of awards at the daily ceremonies. 

The AAU was pleased by the 35% increase in participation at the event, which was held in two adjoining gyms at Greenbriar Middle School in Chesapeake, VA.  I tend to attribute the increase to a change in the competition format, a change we made after consulting with top Junior coaches around the nation.  In previous JO competitions, both the AAU Junior Olympic medals and the USATT Junior National awards have been in categories defined by age.  This resulted in a heavy duplication of matches and in many cases, a lack of competitive matches for the players at the top of the ranking list for their age.  We decided then, after getting the blessing of both AAU and USATT, to hold the singles matches for AAU Medals in the traditional age categories on Friday, but made Saturday’s play more competitive by ignoring birthdates and gender.  We created divisions based on USATT rating, with each player playing two categories, the lowest rating division for which they were eligible and the one immediately above.  This change in format successfully created more challenging play and was roundly applauded by the adult contingent leaders. 

Many of the most active Junior programs in America were represented, including David Zhuang’s New Jersey students, Coach Presley’s Georgia unit from the Ben Hill program, Bill Lui and his cadre of Californians, MDTTC’s clutch of VA and MD members and Rajul Sheth’s emerging powerhouse of youngsters from the India Community Center (ICC) in Milpitas, CA.  ICC now has 55 youngsters in structured programs headed fulltime by Rajul, a former Gujarat State Men’s Singles champion in India.  With 13 of his charges in play, 13 medals were taken (6 Gold, 3 Silver and 4 Bronze), the single largest haul by any of the clubs in attendance. 

The single best performance belonged to the Joel Ferrell Award Winner, Tanyo Sakuraba of Scarsdale, NY.  The Gold Medalist in Boys Under 16, Tanyo also won Division B and came second in Division A, losing only two matches in the entire tournament, once to Thomas An, a match he avenged, and once to Joseph Wang, in the Division A finals,  having beaten Joseph in two other meetings. 

Next year’s event will be in Knoxville, TN.  Information about the JO Games, including past winners of the competitions and schedules for the 2007 Games is available online at www.aaujrogames.org .

AAU Singles, Friday, July 28
JO U-10 Boys
    1. Tong Tong Gong (MD)
    2. Aashay Patel (CA)
3-4. Allen Guo (MD) & Andrew Chen (NJ)

JO U-12 Boys
    1. Austin Preiss (CO)
    2. Denis Polinsky (NY)
3-4. Sam Mujumdar (NJ) &Justin Kung (MD)

JO U-14 Boys
    1. Kevin Kuznetzow (NJ)
    2. Ilya Moundous (NC)
3-4. Janiel Li (VA) & Wesley Fan (NJ)

JO U-16 Boys
    1. Tanyo Sakuraba (NY)
    2. Thomas An (PA)
3-4. Kevin Lee (NY) & Joseph Wang MD)

JO U-18 Boys
    1. Matthew Lee (NJ)
    2. David Jarrin (MD)
3-4. Alden Fan (NJ) & Max Li (MD)

JO U-22 Boys
    1. Augusto Bertone (GA)
    2. Aldis Presley (GA)
    3-4. Felipe Leon (GA)& Andre Benton (GA)

JO U-10 Girls
    1. Prachi Jha (CA)
    2. Peggy Liang (MD)
3-4.Kaylee Zou (MD) & Sabrina Daoud (NY)

JO U-12 Girls
    1. Erica Tran (CA)
    2. Sophia Moundous (NC)
    3. Andrea Li (VA)

JO U-14 Girls
    1. Anna Ho (NY)
    2. Isabella Chen (NY)
3-4. Serena Banh (CA) & Nina Zhen (MD)

JO U-16 Girls
    1. Alison Wu (MA)
    2. Nancy Chen (MN)
3-4. Laurence Dubois (MD) & Gina Lin (MN)

JO U-18 Girls
    1. Sarah Zheng (FL)
    2. Rita Wu (MD)
3-4. Jessica Yick (CA) & Heather Smith (?)

JO U-10 Boys Doubles
    1. Madhukar Lokavarapu (CA)& Aarsh Vyas (CA)
    2. Arjun Desai (CA) & Aashay Patel (CA)
3-4. Tong Tong Gong(MD) & Aarsh Shah (CA) | Arun Kanak (CA) & Matthew Tran (CA)

JO U-12 Boys Doubles
    1. Denis Polinksy (NY) & Austin Preiss (CO)
    2. Justin Kung (MD) & Jackson Liang (MD)
3-4. George Nie (MD) & Gabriel Lu (?) | Brian Qiu (NJ) & Andrew Chen (NJ)

JO U-14 Boys Doubles
    1. Wesley Fan (NJ) & Kevin Kuznetzow (NJ)
    2. Sam Mujumdar (NJ) & Steve Zheng (FL)
    3-4. Nathan Kung (MD) & Keahan Mokhtari (MD) | Vincent Ning (VA) & Janiel Lee (VA)

JO U-16 Boys Doubles
    1. Tanyo Sakuraba (NY) & Kevin Lee (NY)
    2. Toby Kutler (MD) & Joseph Wang (MD)
3-4. Victor Kretov (CA) & Jonathan Orbell (CA) | Vincent Banh (CA) & Ankur Patel (CA)

JO U18 Boys Doubles
    1. Thomas An (PA) & Alden Fan (NJ)
    2. Jimmy Pappadeas (MD) & David Jarrin (MD)
    3-4. Patrick Wu (MD) & Kaiyuan Wang (TX) | Kian Mokhtari (MD) & Max Li (MD)

JO U22 Boys Doubles
    1. Aldis Presley (GA) & Augusto Bertone (GA)
    2. Felipe Leon (GA) & Andre Benton (GA)
    3. Benjamin Yu (MA) & Parth Upadhyay (CA)

JO U10 Girls Doubles
    1. Peggy Liang (MD) & Sabrina Daoud (NY)

JO U12 Girls Doubles
1. Erica Tran (CA) & Prachi Jha (CA)
                2. Kaylee Zou (MD) & Andrea Li (VA)

JO U14 Girls Doubles
                1. Emily Yang (NJ) & Anna Ho (NY)
                2. Amy Xiao (MD) & Nina Zhen (MD)
                3-4. Elissa Lin (MD) & Diana Chou (MD) | Nina Pak (CA) & Vania Chen (CA)

JO U16 Girls Doubles
                1. Isabella Chen (NY) & Alison Wu (MA)
                2. Gina Lin (MN) & Nancy Chen (MN)
                3. Laurence Dubois (MD) & Valina Yen (MD)

JO U18 Girls Doubles
                1. Sarah Zheng (FL) & Rita Wu (MD)
                2. Jessica Yick (CA) & Serena Banh (CA)

USATT Junior Nationals

JN Division A
1st Wang Jr., Joseph
2nd Sakuraba, Tanyo

Division B
1st Sakuraba, Tanyo
2nd Lee, Kevin

Division C
1st Lee, Matthew D.
2nd Banh, Vincent G.

Division D
1st Wu, Alison
2nd Ho, Anna Ka Po

Division E
1st Wang, Kaiyuan
2nd Mokhtari, Keahan

Division F
1st Xiong, Xing
2nd Kung, Nathan J.

Division G
1st Wu, James
2nd Kretov, Victor

Division H
1st Orbell, Jonathan
2nd Kretov, Victor

Division I
1st So, Justin
2nd Patel, Amit

Division J
1st Lin, Elissa
2nd Liang, Jackson

Division K
1st Lu, Gabriel G.
2nd Tran, Erica

Division L
1st Lomonaco, Joey M.
2nd Gong, Tong Tong

AAU Teams; Sunday, July 30
Boys Under 10:
Gold: California 1 (Madhu Lokavarapu, Aarsh Vyas, Kanak Jha, Mathew Tran)
Silver: California 2 (Arjun Dasai, Aarsh Shah, Aashay Patel)

Girl’s Under 10
Gold: Maryland (Peggy Liang, Kaylee Zou, Andrea Li)

Boys Under 12
Gold: Maryland (Gabriel Lu, Jackson Liang, George Nie, Tong Tong Gong)
Silver: Georgia (Terrence Crowder, Brandon Geiger, Matthew Mayfield)

Girls Under 12
Gold: California (Prachi Jha, Erica Tran)

Boys Under 14
Gold: New Jersey (Kevin Kuznetzow, Wesley Fan)
Silver: Potomac Valley (Vincent Ning, Janiel Li, Keahan Mokhtari, Nathan Kung)
Bronze: California (Parth Upadhyay, Harsha Lokavarapu, Amit Patel)
      New Jersey 2 (Sam Mujumdar, Steve Zheng)

Girls Under 14
Gold: New York (Isabella Chen, Anna Ho)
Silver: Maryland (Nina Zhen, Amy Xiao, Diana Chou, Elissa Lin)
Bronze: California (Vania Chen, Nina Pak)

Boys Under 16
Gold: Maryland (Toby Kutler, Joseph Wang)
Silver: California (Ankur Patel, Vincent Banh)
Bronze: New York (Mark Croitoroo, Denis Polinsky)
     California 2 (Victor Kretov, Jonathan Orbell, Brian Pak, Justin So)

Girls Under 16
Gold: Minnesota (Nancy Chen, Gina Lin)

Boys Under 18
Gold: New Jersey (Thomas An, Alden Fan, Matthew Lee)
Silver: New York (Kevin Lee, Yijiang Wu, Xing, Xiong)
Bronze: Maryland 2 (Kian Mokhtari, Caleb Fan, Justin Kung)
      Maryland 1 (David Jarrin, Max Li, Jimmy Pappadeas)

Girls Under 18
Gold: California (Serena Banh, Jessica Yick)
Silver: Maryland (Rita Wu, Laurence DuBois, Valina Yen)

Boys Under 22
Gold: Georgia 1 (Aldis Presley, Augusto Bertone)
Silver: Georgia 2 (Felipe Leon, Andre Benton)