2011 Western Open Results

Congratulation to Tim Wang for winning the 2011 Western Open, the first stop on the 2011 JOOLA North American Tour!  Thanks to all the table tennis participants this weekend.  We hope you enjoyed it and are looking forward to coming back again in the fall!




Events Concluding in Single Elimination

Event # Event Name First State Second State Final Score
1 Open Timothy Wang TX Donglong Hao 9,8,8,-8,-8,-9,5
3 Under22 Men’s Chao Ma Theodore Tran CA 5,8,8
5 Under18 Boy’s Chao Ma Theodore Tran CA 9,10,5
6 Under18 Girl’s Jasmine Nguyen CA Emmy Cheng CA 4,5,6
7 Under16 Boy’s Ningjian(Rico) Zhou CA Ethan Chua CA DEF
11 Under10 Boy’s Victor Liu CA Brandon Hong CA 7,9,18
14 Over50 Jian Zhuang CA Wei Chen CA 9,10,5
15 Over60 Mao Lin Zhao CA Joe T. Ching CA 5,-12,-9,7,2
16 Under2500 Truong Manh Tu CA Barney J. Reed CA 8,-5,11,-8,9
17 Under2375 David Heng-wah Zeng CA Shashin Shodhan CA 5,9,-10,-8,10
18 Under2250 Trieu-Tien H. Nguyen CA Nhu Phong Pham CO -9,8,8,4
19 Under2125 Nelson Yu CA Mark Wei CA DEF
20 Under2000 Santiago Martin Sevilla Herrera FN Matthew Tran CA 5,-11,12,10
22 Under1700 Bryant Lin CA Kevin Shen CA 7,7,3
23 Under1550 Felix Sutanto CA Jerome C. Poon CA 6,4,9
24 Under1400 Kevin Zhou CA David Stone CA 12,-5,10,-8,6
25 Under1250 Jon Rego CA Ryan Chen CA -8,8,8,6
26 Under1100 Jon Rego CA Yaseen Hakim CA -8,8,6,11
27 Under950 Hong Zhang CA Darren Kwan CA -6,6,3,13
28 Under800/Unrated Yaseen Hakim CA Thomas Yu CA 5,-5,5,7
29 Open Doubles SE Ethan Chua & Thilina Piyadasa CA Kenny Tien & Trieu-Tien H. Nguyen CA 7,10,9
30 U3600 Doubles SE Bryant Lin & Jordan Yee CA Anthony Chu & Barry K. Or CA 8,-10,9,8

Events Concluding in Round Robin

Event # Event Name First State Record Second State Record
2 Women’s Ariel Hsing CA 2-0 Maggie Meng Tian CA 1-1
4 Under22 Women’s Brana Vlasic CA 2-0 Jasmine Nguyen CA 1-1
8 Under16 Girl’s Diane Jiang CA 2-0 Haolin Fang CA 1-1
9 Under13 Boy’s Kanak Jha CA 2-0 Ethan Chua CA 1-1
10 Under13 Girl’s Diane Jiang CA 2-0 Lucy Ma WA 1-1
12 Under10 Girl’s Jia-Yu Sung CA 3-0 Annie Ma CA 2-1
13 Over40 Kenny Tien CA 2-0 Esteban Santiago Sevilla Jimenez FN 1-1