Current Entries for the 2018 JOOLA NA Teams

There are currently 669 players in 196 teams for the 2018 JOOLA NA Teams, November 23 through 25 in Washington, DC.

Database last updated: 2018-10-14 17:27:17 EDT

TeamTeam RatingPlayerRatingStateStatus
Team JOOLA ASV Grunwettersbach2789Aruna, Quadri2801NGpending approval
Walther, Ricardo2801DEpending approval
Chen, Weixing2764AUpending approval
Lakatos, Tamas2750HUpending approval
Rosskopf, Joerg2642DEpending approval
Wang Chen TTC2689Yang, Zhuo2768pending approval
Geng, Shupeng2650CNpending approval
Kang, Zhihao2650CNpending approval
Zhang, Boao2637pending approval
JungWon High School 12503Kwon, Ojin2509NJpending approval
Kim, Hong Bin2500KRpending approval
Lim, Kyu Hyun2500KRpending approval
LYTTC 12478Eider, Cory2528NJpending approval
Wang, Amy2506NJpending approval
Naresh, Sid2400ILpending approval
You're tearing me apart Lisa!2409Rao, Roger2427pending approval
Pintea, James2424pending approval
Lee, Lester2377MIpending approval
Deloitte2371Wang, Timothy2575TXpending approval
Ganapathy, Ravi2347CApending approval
Chandra, Vinay2190COpending approval
LYTTC 172366Gao, Yanjun2539NYpending approval
Xie, Tianming2338TXpending approval
Chu, Stephen2220NJpending approval
LYTTC 22340Bartz, Greg2352PApending approval
Lim, Changwoo2343NJpending approval
Shulkin, Igor2326NYpending approval
Averin, Alex2234NJpending approval
JungWon High School 32333Hwang, Sumin2400KRpending approval
Kim, Hee Mang2300KRpending approval
Kim, Jung Woo2300KRpending approval
JungWon High School 22310Lee, Jeongho2331NJpending approval
Shin, Hee Tae2300KRpending approval
Kim, Yong Rae2300KRpending approval
TFU2300Fukasawa, Taisei2400CApending approval
Iwabuchi, Akira2300CApending approval
Endo, Hirotaka2200pending approval
Araki, Suguru2042CApending approval
Acharya Bros2292Acharya, Rahul2329NYpending approval
1, TBD2300pending approval
Acharya, Rohan2248NYpending approval
AITTA 12282Zhu, Sabrina2336GApending approval
Ng, Daniel2306GApending approval
Ruan, Ethan2204GApending approval
MDTTC Star22721, TBD2300pending approval
2, TBD2300pending approval
Ke, Tiffany2216MDpending approval
NSTTC22492, TBD2300ONpending approval
Wei, Simon2247ONpending approval
1, TBD2200ONpending approval
PongRevolutionMerch.com2239Bockoven, Chase2300MApending approval
Sahar, Adam2221CTpending approval
Dewitt, Richard2196CTpending approval
Shinder, Mitchell2160NYpending approval
Robbins, Bradley1976NHpending approval
Shenyang 2233Liu, Tao2400CNpending approval
Liu, Xuanhe2200pending approval
Feng, Hanyu2100pending approval
Meng, YuanYi2000pending approval
AITTA 22226Gong, David2257GApending approval
Lai, Evan2217TXpending approval
Mar, John2203GApending approval
Stirbu, Petrica (petro)2179GApending approval
Overrated2215Asgarali, Nazruddin2244MDpending approval
1, TBD2200pending approval
2, TBD2200pending approval
Bushwood TTC2212Skolnick, Gabriel2361MOpending approval
Poradich, Vladimir2183MDpending approval
Wetzler, John2091PApending approval
Wetzler, Nicholas1944PApending approval
Forehand Flippers2198Dookram, Yuvraaj2228MOpending approval
Humphreys, Curtis2219MDpending approval
Parmanand, Kenneth2146pending approval
Seechan, Franklyn2065pending approval
Mohammed, Kirk2007NYpending approval
AITTA 32196Qin, Junlong2300CNpending approval
Chen, Zhicong2183GApending approval
Tuglo, Emmanuel2105GApending approval
Feng, Jinhai2081TXpending approval
Yang, Andrew1986GApending approval
HWGF - Rhinos2189Tran, Tuan2363TXpending approval
Chen, Ronald2154MDpending approval
Chen, Spencer2049MDpending approval
Brownsville's Best21822, TBD2200pending approval
1, TBD2200pending approval
Henry, Michael D.2145NYpending approval
Friends 4 Ever2178Greenidge, Colin2215pending approval
Anderson, Andrew2189pending approval
Gorsira, Andrew2129NYpending approval
Edwards, Bruce2105USpending approval
Adnan 121741, TBD2200pending approval
2, TBD2200pending approval
Medunjanin, Adnan2121CTpending approval
TEAM6789 A2173Xia, Chu2394GApending approval
Wang, Eric2104GApending approval
Wang, Cody2022GApending approval
SF52160Huang, Zesheng (leo)2306MSpending approval
Tao, Wucheng2158WApending approval
Liu, Dong2016CApending approval
Swiss Knives 12155Vogel, Jean-phillippe2262CHpending approval
Lenggenhager, Fabian2188CHpending approval
Tsitoghdzyan, Tigran2015CHpending approval
Team Senoda2153Seemiller, Randy2234PApending approval
Seemiller, Richard David2124VApending approval
Sakai, David2100MDpending approval
Toritos de Puerto Rico 12152Diaz, Bryan2356PRpending approval
Sánchez, Mileysha2100PRpending approval
Vazquez, Gabriela2000PRpending approval
PR Artillery2143Perez, Gabriel2228pending approval
1, TBD2100pending approval
2, TBD2100pending approval
NOVATTC2140Tran, Josh2154MDpending approval
Tran, Hiep2146VApending approval
Ip, Spencer2119GApending approval
Vaddadi, Naveen2022VApending approval
Cantor, Michael1628NCpending approval
NOVATTC-JWNN2131Sun, Wade2170VApending approval
Nguyen, Nam2126VApending approval
Lu, Jie2098VApending approval
Deng, Nicole1997VApending approval
Zelin2113Sun, Xizi (stephanie2204NCpending approval
Robertshaw, Gregg2077NCpending approval
Ye, Zelin2058NCpending approval
Moody, Brandon S1787NCpending approval
Siraczek2102Stepanyuk, Daniel2249NEpending approval
Sirakova, Maria Aleks2038ILpending approval
Falchuck, Igor2018ILpending approval
Godlewski, Tomasz1943ILpending approval
Zyworonek, Patryk1921ILpending approval
Global Tigers2072Spicer, Catherine2200FNpending approval
Russell, Ancil2038pending approval
Beaver, Jackson1979MDpending approval
64 Squares Club20652, TBD2100pending approval
Wang, Xiaoyong2096NYpending approval
1, TBD2000pending approval
Sky High 22049Malla, Bishal2063COpending approval
Huang, Daniel2056pending approval
Vollmar, David2029COpending approval
Shiogai, Nobuyuki1960COpending approval
Small Balls Big Bats2036Bhatia, Kam2049ONpending approval
Carrington, Shawn2037ABpending approval
Coley, Vince2021CApending approval
John, Alfred1796pending approval
LYTTC 42027Zhang, Michael2069NJpending approval
Lee, Connor2052NJpending approval
Mugren, Ibrahim1961NYpending approval
Arcot2018Naresh, Arcot2054ILpending approval
1, TBD2000pending approval
2, TBD2000pending approval
Penn State2011Mccoullum, Henry2034PApending approval
1, TBD2000pending approval
2, TBD2000pending approval
NJ Topspin 32009Yan, Daniel2027NJpending approval
6, TBD2000pending approval
5, TBD2000pending approval
Abolaji Ogunshola2005Ogunshola, Abolaji2015PApending approval
2, TBD2000pending approval
1, TBD2000pending approval
Austin Table Tennis 12003Mueller, Rick2009TXpending approval
1, TBD2000pending approval
3, TBD2000pending approval
2, TBD2000pending approval
Infinite Loops20002, TBD2000pending approval
1, TBD2000pending approval
3, TBD2000pending approval
Riddick, Ted1598MDpending approval
Wavemen1995Chu, Tsz Lun2055TXpending approval
Miyazaki, Sho2018NYpending approval
Chin, Wayne Ming1912NYpending approval
Budiman, Danya1825TXpending approval
HWGF - The Tigers1988Mendoza, Oliver2091pending approval
Paryavi, Abbas2006MDpending approval
Paryavi, Ali1866MDpending approval
Cauc.Asians1986Gibson, Ryan "the Nightmare"2112VApending approval
Hart, Evan1934VApending approval
Pritchett, Wesley1911VApending approval
Letchworth, Jesse1898VApending approval
Giladi, Ayllon1758VApending approval
NJ Topspin Power 1198612, TBD2000pending approval
11, TBD2000pending approval
Yang, James1958NJpending approval
The Destroyers1979Zhang, Tian2103NYpending approval
Zhao, Jerry2033NCpending approval
2, TBD1800pending approval
Swiss Knives 21967Millius, Joel2001CHpending approval
Jovanovic, Kosta2000CHpending approval
Misson, Pierre1900CHpending approval
Rüegg, Olivia1700CHpending approval
HWGF - Musketeers1949Gong, Joshua2004VApending approval
Levene, Louis1944VApending approval
1, TBD1900pending approval
Speedy Tigers1947Ud-doula, Asif1985PApending approval
Feng, Jackie1952PApending approval
Mercado Nunez, Heber1904PRpending approval
Hodgson, Robert1870NJpending approval
Fed19432, TBD2000pending approval
Teitel, Gideon1928NYpending approval
1, TBD1900pending approval
Boo's Brothers19422, TBD2000pending approval
1, TBD2000pending approval
Mcqueen, Jim1825NCpending approval
GTCU1930Yang, Junkai2042pending approval
Tikku, Arjun1895MApending approval
Kim, Soaram1852SCpending approval
Yeung, Man Wai1777VTpending approval
¯\_(ツ)_/¯1928Ji, Xinye1998MIpending approval
Chan, Kevin1921DCpending approval
Zhou, Nancy1866CApending approval
Martin, Alexander1542CApending approval
Kim, Tae-hyun1347CApending approval
NJ Tigers1922Li, Jason1972NJpending approval
1, TBD1900pending approval
Li, Jeffrey1895NJpending approval
Sky High1919Mcafee, Richard2058COpending approval
Cavale, Seema1888WApending approval
Miller, John1811COpending approval
Avinash , KJ 1616COpending approval
Just Put Together1917Krishnan, Chandru2000pending approval
Cao, Raymond1891pending approval
Xin, Hong1860FNpending approval
Rachel Kim 11917Kim, Rachel2034NYpending approval
1, TBD1900pending approval
Kim, Jacob1818NYpending approval
Four Stallions1914Liu, Di2018pending approval
Gresham-geiger, Brandon1923GApending approval
Chieu, Trieu1802NYpending approval
Chieu, Albert1801NYpending approval
ATU Local 113 TTC1909Huo, Guang Cheng1915pending approval
Cinerari, Frank1912pending approval
Wu, Jin1900pending approval
Hou, Guang Bin1800pending approval
Team PongMobile1909Barandao, Mossa1928DCpending approval
1, TBD1900pending approval
2, TBD1900pending approval
LYTTC 151906Hu, Tao1997NJpending approval
1, TBD1900pending approval
Hu, Stephen1821NJpending approval
You, Justin1568pending approval
Scared Hitless1905Nicolas, Frederick1914VApending approval
1, TBD1900pending approval
2, TBD1900pending approval
Big Mistake1903Yost, Thomas1995OHpending approval
Quesada, Chrisopher1868FLpending approval
Yost, Paul1845OHpending approval
Younce, Jacob1766ALpending approval
Chris Lehman1895Brito, Ricardo1899NJpending approval
Adams, Irving1894NJpending approval
Ramos, Eloy1891FLpending approval
Papadimitriou, Ioanna1870FLpending approval
Lehman, Christopher1867NJpending approval
Camfan Gomain1891Smith, Cameron1955NCpending approval
Brain, Simon1860NCpending approval
Fan, Ling1858NCpending approval
Gomez, Elias1835NCpending approval
NYC Titans1890Rabiu, Mukaila1998NYpending approval
Khan, Amir1917NJpending approval
Hosein, Rafi1756NYpending approval
Capulong, Rothschild1738NYpending approval
East Coast1889So, William2109MApending approval
Wang, Jianxin1809CApending approval
Liao, Zhanhao (james)1749NCpending approval
Wang, Yulong1609MApending approval
NETTC - 118892, TBD1900pending approval
1, TBD1900pending approval
Fahimi, Darius1866pending approval
Robert Page1887Page, Robert1947MApending approval
Avram, Vasily1903MApending approval
Maniar Gandhi, Nirali1812MApending approval
Jha, Aryan1514MApending approval
Gandhi, Krish1248MApending approval
Mixed Nuts1874Kang, James1905MDpending approval
Kissinger, Terry1894MDpending approval
Mossberg, Jim1824MDpending approval
Yasinov, Grigoriy1760MDpending approval
Vega Alta 11867Castellano, Yamil1900PRpending approval
Diaz, Josue1850PRpending approval
Rios, Enrique Yezue1850PRpending approval
Dominguez, Lariel1850PRpending approval
AITTA 41825Ngo, Harrison1846TNpending approval
Cao, Jiaming1825pending approval
Yin, Xinhau1805ALpending approval
Pudong Foreign Language School1819Fu, Yao2059PApending approval
Tang, Haine1798PApending approval
Li, Shuting1600CApending approval
Xu, Zhengyang1580pending approval
NJ Topspin 121815Ren, Andy1845NJpending approval
17, TBD1800pending approval
18, TBD1800pending approval
PPG - TT Fans1812Liu, Hui-lung1835MDpending approval
2, TBD1800pending approval
1, TBD1800pending approval
The Pip Squeaks1806Liu, Ivy1817NJpending approval
Xu, Isabella1805NCpending approval
Kang, Connie1796NJpending approval
Westchester A1806Shortz, Will1819NYpending approval
1, TBD1800pending approval
2, TBD1800pending approval
LYTTC 51805Encabo, Marjolaine1831NJpending approval
Ang, Cary1822pending approval
Kanchi, Narender1761NJpending approval
Encabo, Mitch1757pending approval
CCCF Warriors17852, TBD1800pending approval
1, TBD1800pending approval
Song, Michael1755NYpending approval
TT Doctors17822, TBD1800pending approval
1, TBD1800pending approval
Li, Fangxing (fran)1747TNpending approval
Hunting Elephants1780Soskic, Vukman2055ORpending approval
Schultz, Dean1741ORpending approval
Barnes, Matthew1544ORpending approval
Bednarz, Ben1394ORpending approval
Golden Six1770Li, Henry1898MNpending approval
Lu, Shiguang1725NCpending approval
Lu, Changbo1687NCpending approval
KTTA of NJ1752Oh, Soon Seok1932NJpending approval
Chung, Joon1823NJpending approval
Jae, Youngshin1500NJpending approval
Vega Alta 21733Hernandez, Roberto1750PRpending approval
Rivera, Sebastian1750PRpending approval
Sola, Luis1700PRpending approval
Rosario, Sebahstian1700PRpending approval
International Spin1732Lui, Kevin1807MApending approval
Gaidarev, Peter1776MApending approval
Hill, James1614MApending approval
Deng, Ai Hon1391MApending approval
Starblazers1710Ramachandran, Sanjay1729VApending approval
1, TBD1700pending approval
2, TBD1700pending approval
Li Shen1708Qu, Amanda1823PApending approval
2, TBD1700pending approval
1, TBD1600pending approval
MDTTC BXY1701Kang, Benjamin1704VApending approval
1, TBD1700pending approval
2, TBD1700pending approval
Onesies1701Pham, Tuan1702GApending approval
2, TBD1700pending approval
1, TBD1700pending approval
Toritos de Puerto Rico 21700Nieves, Jos1700PRpending approval
Rodriguez Marrero, Enmanuel1700PRpending approval
Rodriguez, Alondra1700PRpending approval
Ball Busters1699Griffin, Thomas1868NCpending approval
Godin, Yuri1651NCpending approval
Dulin, Phil1578NCpending approval
Pahl, John1442NCpending approval
Way Overrated 1689Kaiser, Tod1884CApending approval
Fan, Yun1647ORpending approval
Shih, Paul1536ORpending approval
Schultz, Jeffry1296ORpending approval
Patuxent River1667Nguyen, Tam1717VApending approval
Brown, Craig1685VApending approval
Lee, Anthony1600VApending approval
Mercer, Derwin1559DEpending approval
Mountaineers16532, TBD1700pending approval
1, TBD1700pending approval
Nelson, Jay1560WVpending approval
My Team1643Li, Zhengze1832GApending approval
Krishna, Medha1552GApending approval
Gopalakrishnan, Anup1544GApending approval
Prieto, Alberto1495GApending approval
MATTC Raiders1640Kozak, John1801PApending approval
Vastine, Donald1575PApending approval
Moran, Dennis1543PApending approval
Gibson, Steven1523PApending approval
Ghosalkar, Vaibhav1462PApending approval
Cutting Aces1626Hodges, Herbert1677PApending approval
1, TBD1600pending approval
2, TBD1600pending approval
NJ Topspin 21610Qi, Daniel1629NJpending approval
3, TBD1600pending approval
4, TBD1600pending approval
TTT and AITTA 101603Kanchanapelly, Radha Krushna Murthy1618GApending approval
Kovalev, Max1614USpending approval
Gopalakrishna, Dhyuti1576GApending approval
Mabe, Jason1504NCpending approval
EV Advance Training1600Castro, Daymar1800PRpending approval
Moreno, Steven1600PRpending approval
Jimenez, Itxamarie1400PRpending approval
Aponte, Joel1265PRpending approval
HITTA1593Cao, Andrew Yiqing1757TXpending approval
Wang, Andy1528TXpending approval
Gao, Austin1493TXpending approval
CTTC-PUR1592Rosado, Bryan1700PRpending approval
Sundar, Sam1545NCpending approval
Alvarez, Paola1532PRpending approval
Englebreth, Bill1385NCpending approval
METE.TXT1583Bohne, Adrian1600MXpending approval
Shakalu, Mossa1583MXpending approval
Rojas, Genaris1566MXpending approval
LYTTC 131580Zhang, Yu (helen)1627NYpending approval
Chopra, Vandita1580pending approval
Sun, Ava1532NJpending approval
Hu, Shishi1496NYpending approval
AITTA 51565Liu, Amber1651GApending approval
Chan, Jay1599pending approval
Pan, Alex1445GApending approval
Mayaguez 11550Rivera, Angel J.1650PRpending approval
Sotomayor, Roberto1550PRpending approval
Rivera, Jorge1450PRpending approval
NJ Topspin 11548Huang, Kaleb1644NJpending approval
2, TBD1500pending approval
1, TBD1500pending approval
LYTTC 31546Tong, May2331pending approval
Yip, Lily2306NJpending approval
7, TBD0pending approval
LYTTC 61517Zhou, Annie1570NJpending approval
Vu, Alex1500NJpending approval
Beckett, Christopher1480NJpending approval
Perpetually Injured1506Vaturi, Sharon1518CApending approval
2, TBD1500pending approval
1, TBD1500pending approval
CMUTTC1504Zhu, Michael1584NYpending approval
Cui, Wenxin1528TXpending approval
Feng, Steven1400pending approval
Xu, Elaine1350PApending approval
Liu, Kaige1271pending approval
Wannabees1486Sun, Gao1543ONpending approval
Guo, Jia1514NCpending approval
1, TBD1400pending approval
Kornegay, James1160NCpending approval
LYTTC 111476Guney, Deniz1498pending approval
Saidov, Hasan1490pending approval
Lee, Jacob1441NJpending approval
NJ Topspin 71445Yang, Albert1536NJpending approval
1, TBD1400pending approval
2, TBD1400pending approval
LYTTC 141437Godugula, Lalith1601pending approval
Kanchi, Prajeet1367NJpending approval
Manur, Ashwin1343NJpending approval
HWGF - Topspin Assassins1416Mace, Omar1431NJpending approval
Guo, Michael1416TXpending approval
Leoncini, Dario1400NYpending approval
Xiao, David1312pending approval
Serve Long at Deuce1415He, Charles1445GApending approval
1, TBD1400pending approval
2, TBD1400pending approval
Waldorf Too1411Santos, Alan1764MDpending approval
Brown, James1415NCpending approval
Proctor, Kenneth1054MDpending approval
Fast and Furious1410Jenson, Dennis1849pending approval
Lin, Cliff1204NCpending approval
Zeng, Bryan1178NCpending approval
HWGF - Spin Doctors1392Draper, Bill1464MDpending approval
Wan, Yunhu1422MDpending approval
Wadkar, Sameer1289MDpending approval
Bondali, Arun1131MDpending approval
CG2019 NS Males1386Chan, Anson Tin Long1512NSpending approval
Dauphinee, Davis1363NSpending approval
Caron, Liam1283NSpending approval
Robertson, Ben802NSpending approval
AITTA 91332Thokala, Babu1400GApending approval
Sun, Weiming Michael1313ILpending approval
Thokala, Sahasra1282GApending approval
AITTA 61286Wu, Jonah1357GApending approval
Hunter, Sarah1345GApending approval
Wu, James1157GApending approval
Mayaguez 21250Figueroa, Edwin M.1250PRpending approval
Morales, Joshua1250PRpending approval
Sanchez, Hadamar1250PRpending approval
LYTTC 91213Mukherjee, Oishik1319NJpending approval
Jain, Aaryan1175NJpending approval
Chopra, Dhruv1144NJpending approval
LYTTC 101204Wang, Jenny1256NJpending approval
Saidov, Husen1212pending approval
Gao, Nathan1143pending approval
Lau, Donny875pending approval
LYTTC 81202Chopra, Ananya1277NJpending approval
Zhou, Jocelyn1193NYpending approval
Dong, Katherine1137NYpending approval
TBD - Princeton Pong Warrior 1198Ma, Lucas1237NJpending approval
Shen, Li1213PApending approval
Song, Amy1144NJpending approval
VATTA 311952, TBD1200pending approval
1, TBD1200pending approval
Zhou, Mitchell1185VApending approval
NJ Topspin 411787, TBD1200pending approval
8, TBD1200pending approval
He, Ethan1133pending approval
Desi Boys1147Khera, Anand1380NYpending approval
Khera, Shivas1041NYpending approval
Jha, Aansh1019MApending approval
NJ Topspin 101121Zhou, Brian1164NJpending approval
13, TBD1100pending approval
14, TBD1100pending approval
HWGF - Magicians 105371093Wu, Di1125pending approval
Fan, Taishan1100pending approval
Meng, Cyndy1055pending approval
MDTTC #110912, TBD1100pending approval
1, TBD1100pending approval
Wang, Michael1073MDpending approval
HCTTC 11039Yang, Fan1117MDpending approval
1, TBD1000pending approval
2, TBD1000pending approval
MDTTC - 781010Cooper, Don1030pending approval
1, TBD1000pending approval
2, TBD1000pending approval
HCTTC 210003, TBD1000pending approval
5, TBD1000pending approval
4, TBD1000pending approval
HCTTC 310006, TBD1000pending approval
8, TBD1000pending approval
7, TBD1000pending approval
VBTT Lovers961Burke, Julian1010VApending approval
Cheng, Allan1007VApending approval
Zhang, Jianmin865pending approval
Xu, Michael800pending approval
Zhang, Rose437VApending approval
LYTTC 7948Shah, Mitesh1000NJpending approval
Jain, Arnav930NJpending approval
Sebastian, Arvin913NJpending approval
Shah, Yashraj747NJpending approval
NETTC - 2939Fahimi, Daria1217NJpending approval
1, TBD800pending approval
2, TBD800pending approval
FH While True927Wu, Michael967VApending approval
Ku, Kevin933VApending approval
Jeffrey, Jeremiah880VApending approval
NJ Topspin 6906Zhou, Ethan917pending approval
9, TBD900pending approval
10, TBD900pending approval
NJ Topspin 1187815, TBD900pending approval
16, TBD900pending approval
Chen, Jaden833NJpending approval
Daylight721Wong, Luke793MApending approval
Liung, Eva700MApending approval
Avram, Nicholas670MApending approval
Alexandria Vampires715Madhavan, Candadai746pending approval
1, TBD700pending approval
2, TBD700pending approval
AITTA 7694Ye, Ray825pending approval
Kanchanapelly, Saisamhitha775pending approval
Ni, Daniel481pending approval
HITTA Girls687Dang, Alina929pending approval
Chen, Kaye870TXpending approval
Wang, Grace263pending approval
Lu Ying Pingpong622Yu, Carmen708PApending approval
Xie, Megan616PApending approval
Dougherty, Sean542pending approval
Xie, Patrick501PApending approval
CG2019 NS Females570Vanwychen, Carmen679NSpending approval
Hayes, Maddy579NSpending approval
Chiasson, Kali451NSpending approval
Sibley, Kelsa389NSpending approval
LYTTC 12535Chen, Jay J560pending approval
Zhou, Jonathan550pending approval
Chen, Chloe494pending approval
Rachel Kim 2428Kim, Joseph1285NYpending approval
3, TBD0pending approval
2, TBD0pending approval
Northshore TT211Lu, Ming634NYpending approval
Acosta, Botond 0pending approval
Acosta, Bulcsu0pending approval
Austin Table Tennis 206, TBD0pending approval
5, TBD0pending approval
7, TBD0pending approval
4, TBD0pending approval
Austin Table Tennis 308, TBD0pending approval
10, TBD0pending approval
9, TBD0pending approval
11, TBD0pending approval
Austin Table Tennis 4015, TBD0pending approval
12, TBD0pending approval
14, TBD0pending approval
13, TBD0pending approval
Austin Table Tennis 5017, TBD0pending approval
19, TBD0pending approval
16, TBD0pending approval
18, TBD0pending approval
Austin Table Tennis 6022, TBD0pending approval
21, TBD0pending approval
23, TBD0pending approval
20, TBD0pending approval
Blunderbirds and Cardinals 0Shen, Yang 0VApending approval
Qin, Faith0VApending approval
Fei, Danny0VApending approval
Qin, Jason 0VApending approval
Cidra 10Gomez, Manuel0PRpending approval
2, TBD0PRpending approval
1, TBD0PRpending approval
Cidra 205, TBD0PRpending approval
4, TBD0PRpending approval
3, TBD0PRpending approval
Cidra 307, TBD0PRpending approval
6, TBD0PRpending approval
8, TBD0PRpending approval
Cidra 403, TBD0PRpending approval
1, TBD0PRpending approval
2, TBD0PRpending approval
Cidra 504, TBD0PRpending approval
6, TBD0PRpending approval
5, TBD0PRpending approval
Los Marlins TTC Ceiba01, TBD0pending approval
3, TBD0pending approval
2, TBD0pending approval
Los Marlins TTC Ceiba 20Perez, Isaac0PRpending approval
Avila, Melvin0PRpending approval
Jimenez, Caleb0PRpending approval
Matos, Pedro0PRpending approval
NC Trailblazers01, TBD0NCpending approval
Zhao, Wenji0NCpending approval
2, TBD0NCpending approval
Nison's TTC #103, TBD0pending approval
1, TBD0pending approval
2, TBD0pending approval
Nison's TTC #205, TBD0pending approval
4, TBD0pending approval
6, TBD0pending approval
Nison's TTC #307, TBD0pending approval
9, TBD0pending approval
8, TBD0pending approval
Nison's TTC #4012, TBD0pending approval
10, TBD0pending approval
11, TBD0pending approval
NJ Topspin 1501, TBD0NJpending approval
Ma, Jianglin0NJpending approval
2, TBD0NJpending approval
NJ Topspin 502, TBD0NJpending approval
Ou, Runqing0NJpending approval
1, TBD0NJpending approval
NJ Topspin 802, TBD0NJpending approval
1, TBD0NJpending approval
Zhang, Daofa0NJpending approval
NYCTTA 102, TBD0pending approval
3, TBD0pending approval
1, TBD0pending approval
NYCTTA 204, TBD0pending approval
6, TBD0pending approval
5, TBD0pending approval
NYCTTA 308, TBD0pending approval
7, TBD0pending approval
9, TBD0pending approval
NYISC 101, TBD0NYpending approval
3, TBD0NYpending approval
2, TBD0NYpending approval
NYISC 205, TBD0NYpending approval
4, TBD0NYpending approval
6, TBD0NYpending approval
NYISC 307, TBD0NYpending approval
9, TBD0NYpending approval
8, TBD0NYpending approval
NYISC 4010, TBD0NYpending approval
12, TBD0NYpending approval
11, TBD0NYpending approval
NYISC 5014, TBD0NYpending approval
13, TBD0NYpending approval
15, TBD0NYpending approval
Quebec 102, TBD0QCpending approval
1, TBD0QCpending approval
3, TBD0QCpending approval
Quebec 204, TBD0QCpending approval
6, TBD0QCpending approval
5, TBD0QCpending approval
Quebec 308, TBD0QCpending approval
7, TBD0QCpending approval
9, TBD0QCpending approval
Quebec 4011, TBD0QCpending approval
10, TBD0QCpending approval
12, TBD0QCpending approval
SUNY FIT04, TBD0pending approval
3, TBD0pending approval
5, TBD0pending approval
Westchester B03, TBD0pending approval
5, TBD0pending approval
4, TBD0pending approval
Westchester C07, TBD0pending approval
6, TBD0pending approval
8, TBD0pending approval
Westchester D010, TBD0pending approval
9, TBD0pending approval
11, TBD0pending approval