Current Results for the 2021 JOOLA NA Teams

Per Prince George's county mandates, masks are required indoors at all times, except for when actively eating and drinking: Details here

There were ultimately 633 entries for the 2021 JOOLA NA Teams, November 26 through 28

Events Concluding in Single Elimination

DivisionFirstStateSecondStateFinal Score
Division 1True North TTCONNJTTC 1NJ3-0
Division 2AITTA 1GAMatchpoint TTC 2NJ5-2
Division 3NJ Topspin 1NJAnonymousNC5-0
Division 4Three MusketeersNCPingPod West 37thNY5-1
Division 5ERW ActiveCANJTTC 4NJ5-1
Division 6TAKKYU SIFLGolden SixNC5-1
Division 7CidraPRWestford TTC-2MA5-3
Division 8NJ Topspin 2NJDaylightMA5-1
Division 9AITTA 2GAWaltham DimsumMA5-2

Events Concluding in Round Robin

Division 10NJ Topspin 7NJ9-0NJTTC 9NJ8-1
Div 1 Third XOversTEAM YEZUEPR3-0The LYTTC MafiaNJ2-1
Div 1 Fourth XOversMDTTC 1MD3-0Glen Head SpinNY2-1
Div 1 Fifth XOversASLT/SDTTACA3-0DragonflyGA2-1