Current Results for the 2017 JOOLA NA Teams

There were ultimately 963 entries for the 2017 JOOLA NA Teams, November 24 through 26

Events Concluding in Single Elimination

DivisionFirstStateSecondStateFinal Score
Division 1ASV GrunwettersbachDETeam JOOLADE3-1
Division 2Team 2024ONMDTTC StarMD5-0
Division 3NJCTTC - 2NJQueretaro PremiumMX5-2
Division 4Alameda 2MDYing2NC5-0
Division 6Fast LoopersBRNJCTTC - HopeNJ5-3
Division 8Queretaro MaximunMXThe DestroyersNC5-2
Division 9NJTTC - 4NJNJ Topspin 4NJ5-3
Division 10NJCTTC - 3NJMixed NutsMD5-0
Division 11NC TrailblazersNCNJCTTC - 4NJ5-4
Division 12Gordon's WarNJHW Global Foundation/MDTTC 3MD5-4
Division 13Vive la PingpongVANJTTC - 8NJ5-3
Division 14NJ Topspin 8NJLong Island TT Center 6NY5-4

Events Concluding in Round Robin

Division 15NJ Topspin 12NJ9-0NC-CCSNC8-1
Div 1 Third XOversPure Link - Shaanxi JuniorsCN3-0USATT MenNJ2-1
Div 1 Fourth XOversNJTTC - Shaanxi WomenCN3-0GXACNY2-1
Div 1 Fifth XOversWang Chen TTCCN3-0LYTTC - Team 2NJ2-1