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For Looping2199Pong Donkeys21935-3
For Looping2199Pittsburgh21875-2
For Looping2199ECEDAO 121185-2
For Looping2199Chops #320935-2

NJ Topspin 12208NJ Topspin 12208
HCTTC 4781HCTTC 4781
LYTTC - The Young and Restless1265LYTTC - The Young and Restless1265
Guaynabo I1356Guaynabo I1356
Georgia Tech1557Georgia Tech1557
Cosmopolite Bouncers1581Cosmopolite Bouncers1581
Chops #41731Chops #41731
LYTTC Beasts1872LYTTC Beasts1872
ECEDAO 51899ECEDAO 51899
NC Impact TTC2000NC Impact TTC2000
Long Island Terminators2022Long Island Terminators2022
NJ topspin 12123For Looping21995-0
LYTTA2164For Looping21995-1
HWGF MDTTC TDP 12209For Looping21995-4
New Jersey Avatars2225For Looping21995-1
AITTA Salsa2272For Looping21995-1
Shenzhen-China 12300For Looping21995-1
Puerto Rico2515For Looping21995-0