Current Results for the 2019 JOOLA NA Teams

There were ultimately 1083 entries for the 2019 JOOLA NA Teams, November 29 through December 1

Events Concluding in Single Elimination

DivisionFirstStateSecondStateFinal Score
Division 1Team JOOLADEDigital Multitools, Inc.ON3-2
Division 2DeloitteTXNSTTCON5-4
Division 3Shenzhen-China 1CNUntouchablesNY5-0
Division 4ECEDAO 1PRASLT 2CA5-3
Division 5Chops #3QCVillalba 2PR5-4
Division 6ECEDAO 2PRDragonflyGA5-1
Division 7ECEDAO 6PRPPC1OR5-4
Division 8Fast Spin AssassinTXNYC TitansNY5-3
Division 9QTTFQCGuaynabo IIPR5-3
Division 10CCTTA NorthONPrinceton Pong LoopersNJ5-0
Division 11Mixed NutsMDHWGF MDTTC TDP 4MD5-0
Division 12Cho MamaGAFalcon WarriorsTX5-2
Division 13ChoreiJPMETE.TXTMX5-2
Division 14Westchester WarriorsNYHWGF MDTTC TDP 6MD5-1
Division 15Reid's RenegadesPAVBTT LoversVA5-4
Division 16CMUTTC 2PAAYTTO #4 Dark HorsesNY5-4
Division 17Smashing Panthers 1NYNJTTC 5NJ5-3

Events Concluding in Round Robin

Div 1 Third XOversTFUCA3-0ASLT 1CA2-1
Div 1 Fourth XOversPuerto RicoPR3-0Chops #1QC2-1
Div 1 Fifth XOversSpinBlock #2IN2-1JOOLA/HITTAMD2-1