Teamfinder for the 2021 JOOLA NA Teams

There are currently 460 players in 145 teams for the 2021 JOOLA NA Teams, November 26 through 28 in Washington, DC.

Database last updated: 2021-06-18 13:35:34 EDT

4 Team Finder requests pending approval.

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Binbinwca@gmail.com713-979-62840TXI have 1 team for sale at $649+$90(Registration Fee).
Ayan Bagchiayankbagchi@gmail.com20259177921795VAInterested in a team. See rating history to see JOOLA Teams performance.
George Davisomtun@yahoo.com48021386241869ARI would like to join a team with players > 1870 rating.
Allan Anzagiraaanzagira1917NYI am looking to join a team with about 2000 rating.
RENZO ZEBALLOS GONZALEZ 9535431102000We are players from Peru, South America
Michael Guoxuand88@yahoo.com83287837582109TXI have 2107 rating and is looking for a team of 3 players and around 2100-2200.