Team Finder for the 2022 JOOLA NA Teams

There are currently 885 players in 259 teams for the 2022 JOOLA NA Teams, November 25 through 27 in Washington, DC.

Database last updated: 2022-09-24 21:03:45 UTC

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aguilas de la montaña 4josechetmunepr55@gmail.com0PR
Amina Batkhuyagbat_ochir1@yahoo.com847-800-08110IL
Anas Sartm.enessert@gmail.com410 206-14761400MDWe are looking for the 4th player between 1100-1600 rating.
Andrew Zhangandrewzhangclarinet@gmail.com24027326231330MALooking for 4th or 5th player for team, 1100-1500 preferred
Changbo LuChangboluchadlu@gmail.com98429266180NCselling a team for 800
Emile GoldsteinEmile.Goldstein@gmail.com917-902-47862238NYLooking for two players 2200+ for division B
Jayden Caialaleilei999@hotmail.com77581396322084TELooking for 3rd player to join our team. Prefer boys under 15 and rating over 1900.
Jerry zhangwanyuan@gmail.com83222817972023TXLooking for other two or three players at least 2100+ to join our team.
Judy Wuphyllisdu00@gmail.com508-505-71661860NYLooking for one team member to join our team. Request:over 1850.Prefer under 15 years old player.
Katie Wang vbpingpong@gmail.com80471230991308VA9 years old. Professional training 2hrs everyday. Hope to join a team of younger girls (or kids) with similar ratings.
keith linkeithlin.732@gmail.com51062993922125NY
Lee Abrahamlee.abraham@Austintabletennis.net92871315631639TXLooking for 2 players to form 3-person team. I'm 62, lefty, Seemiller grip w/short pips. Ideal teammates are competitive with good sportsmanship and a positive, fun vibe.
Lennox Douglasdouglalm@yahoo.com267-246-55052164PAI am looking for a 2300 Team/or higher. I am playing at about 2250.
Lilly liuorncsu08@gmail.com91920846080NCSelling a team. Please contact me for details.Thanks!
Patrick Fowlerpatrick.fowler@du.edu700COLooking for a third and/or fourth player to join our team.
Qi Guoblackfootus@gmail.com85829811191844NJa very aggressive penholder player looking to join a team.
Robert Hooverrh491425@gmail.com55123808071536NJLooking for a player at least 1300 to 1500 to join our team.
Sayan Jafarali shujaj@yahoo.com510-458-33051037CA8 and a half. Plays daily. Short and long pips twiddler
Simon Shtofmakhersimonsb87@gmail.com973-224-05372150NJlooking for 2200 level team; played Div B last year; many years experience playing Teams
Tanish Mamidyalanaveenk_m@yahoo.com203-451-86361616NJLooking into join a team with rating between 1600 to 1900. 10 Years Old practices daily.
Tarun Kumar Tandonttandon@hotmail.com40846966980ONLooking for 2 players to form team.
Tim huiintegragsr6@aim.com21583986881835PALooking for a team doesn't matter the rating just want to have fun with a good group.