Current Results for the 2022 JOOLA NA Teams

There were ultimately 1119 entries for the 2022 JOOLA NA Teams, November 25 through 27

Events Concluding in Single Elimination

DivisionFirstStateSecondStateFinal Score
Division 1Kou Lei TTCCAPingPod OneNY3-0
Division 2Pong DonkeysTXAYTTO Westford/NY Elite StudentsMA5-3
Division 3XAXMNAITTA 3GA5-1
Division 4Enchumbaos- NaguaboPRNJ Topspin Overrated ScrubsNJ5-2
Division 5PNW Geriatrics WAMDTTC OTTA 2NY5-4
Division 6Princeton Pong GFGINJPrinceton Pong 25-4
Division 7PP4KAKMastiff TTC PowerMADEF
Division 8Carnegie MellonPALYTTC 4NJ5-4
Division 9AYTTO Old GuardsNYLYTTC 8NJDEF
Division 10MDTTC 5MDhorsesNCDEF
Division 11NYISC RunNYPavón 1MX5-4
Division 12OSMTXNJTTC 4NJ5-3
Division 13Boston-TTC PhoenixMAEDC PRPR5-4
Division 14NJ Topspin 4NJPrinceton Pong 4NJ5-4
Division 15NJTTC 6NJPrinceton Pong LeftoversNJ5-1
Division 16Matchpoint TTC 8NJNJTTC 7NJ5-3

Events Concluding in Round Robin

Division 17Fun2022MD7-0MDTTC OTTA 4NY6-1
Div 1 Third XOversSamson Dubina TTAOH3-0Moutai-2CA1-1
Div 1 Third XOversSamson Dubina TTAOH3-0ChampsCA1-1