Current Results for the 2023 JOOLA NA Teams

There were ultimately 1056 entries for the 2023 JOOLA NA Teams, November 24 through 26

Events Concluding in Single Elimination

DivisionFirstStateSecondStateFinal Score
Division 1OCTTA CANison's TTCNY3-2
Division 3cookiesbigmomBCMad GreensCO5-2
Division 4Fighting SpiritNJPaddle Palace ClubOR5-3-1
Division 5CITTA Dreams Team 2NCNYC TitansNY5-2
Division 6Stickman Skills Center NCSuper Smash BrosVA5-4
Division 7LYTTC 5NJSuper SpinCA5-2-1
Division 8MDTTC 3MDPlease MissGA5-0
Division 9Matchpoint TTC 2NJBoston TTC DragonMA5-3
Division 10Mile High TTA - ACO4 stars NY5-0
Division 11Owen Malcolm AlvinONPrinceton Pong AKVNJ5-0
Division 12Instant RamenTXPingPod FCNY5-3
Division 13NJTTC 3NJMatchpoint TTC 10NJ5-4
Division 14Mastiff TTC SpeedMACITTA Dreams Team 3NC5-3
Division 15MDTTC 10MDLYTTC TroublemakersNJ5-4
Division 16HCTTMDNJTTC 6NJ5-2

Events Concluding in Round Robin

Division 17Ceiba Marlins KidsPR9-0NJ Topspin 10NJ8-1
Div 1 Third XOversI don't knowWA3-0Socal SwingersCA2-1

Special Categories

Over 40 SeniorsPAOer
WomenThe Queens
Under 18 BoysCrispy Fried Chicken
Under 18 GirlsHigh Knees