Teamfinder for the 2018 JOOLA NA Teams

There were ultimately 1002 players in 260 teams for the 2018 JOOLA NA Teams, December 31 through January 2 in Washington, DC.

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374 Team Finder requests pending approval.

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Aditya Oaksuniloak@gmail.com281-702-94061400TXLooking for a 3-4 member team around 1800 rating
AITTAnewgyusa@gmail.com67846906500GAAITTA is looking for a player around 1600 to join our team. Also we looking for a player rating around 1300-1400 to join our team
Albert Chieuachieu00@gmail.com917-774-63621800NYLooking for a 3-4 person team with an average of 1800-1900.
alberto gnopgnipster@gmail.com0GALooking for four players to complete a team of 5. Looking for players 1500+ rating.
Alfred Johnajohn@fmav.ca64792719661800ONHello, Historically I am 2080 player but had a bad tournament last year and lost quite a bit of points. I am looking for a team to play on this year. I am from Ontario Canada
Alla Lantsmanaaa_alika@yahoo.com60941749411520NJLooking for a team.
Ancil Russellancilrussell@hotmail.com86878413502038TRWe are currently looking for a 3rd player with a rating of 2050 to 2150 to make up a team of 3.
andrey farkashfourwaylock@hotmail.com71837700072007NEi dont have a team looking for one my ratng is 2007
Arvind Guptaarv4331@gmail.com1700NCI am looking for 2-3 players with a rating of 1800
Ayan Bagchiayankbagchi@gmail.com202.591.77921752VAI'm looking for a team 1800-1900. I can ONLY play on Saturday, November 24th, but am willing to play ALL matches and split cost evenly.
Ban DyalPaudyalbandhu@gmail.com917400006121400PAUnrated player around 1400, looking forward to join a team..
Benjamin Kangjinkang1997@gmail.com202-302-43451704VAWe have two team members now: 1704, 1850. the real level is around 1870-1900. Looking for another two players ranking -1650-1900+.
Brandon Gresham-Geigerbrandong599@gmail.com40432390731917GALooking for a team.
Chandru Krishnanchandruk68@gmail.com416-538-95642000CA Hi, looking for a team for the NA Teams tournament in Washington.
Daniel Huangdaniel_huang2005@yahoo.ca2060ONHi, I would like to join a team at the Division C or D level.
Dariodarioleo85@hotmail.com91752632111470NYLooking for a team 1500/1600 level
Di Liudiliuangus@gmail.com90231743582018NSCanada Nova Scotia Table Tennis Association top player. I am looking for a team with similar ratings.
Emily Sangsang_xiaokang@yahoo.com91952233471558NClooking for a team to play.Rating will be updated in a couple days.should be around 1600
Enes Sertmenes.sert@gmail.com202 550-42801766MDSeeking a team to join around 1800-1900 rating. I play around that level and beat players at 2000 level sometimes.
George Nicholasnicksdist@gmail.com91759316381904NYI am looking for a team to play with mainly with one above my rating.
Gideon Teitellambomets@gmail.com646-707-12070need 2100+ players for team. We have Early Bird registration which saves $250.
Herb Hodgehhherberthodges@gmail.com267-496-31441800PATeam name Cutting Aces need a couple of players to contact me or NATT
Herrick Dingherrickding@gmail.com0I have a team available for sale at cost of $689. Please email me for request ASAP.
Isiaka Bashirisiakabashir@gmail.com80357781370OYAm looking for a team which I can play for
jacky fengfengjacky8@gmail.com26788608962000PAmy son 9 years old rating around 700 looking for a team
Kunal Shah64664594462210NYWe are a team of 4 Looking for a fifth . Anyone over 1900 Our Ratings range 2200-2300
Linda Shulukeshu01@gmail.com281-846-91182091TXIf you have purchased a team last year but cannot play, please let me know and contact me via email or text. We are planning for a team of 3 in the range of 2050-2350.
Louis Levenellevene00@gmail.com57126811862000VALooking for a third player with a level around 2000. Our team is HWGF Musketeers on registered teams list.
Madhavi for a team of 2-3 players with a rating around 1000
Maksim Kovalevmaksimakova@hotmail.com91988012361614NCIn League play I am consistently playing at at 1750/1800 rating level. I am looking for 2 very fit or 3 moderately fit players of similar skill level (or higher) to complete my team this year.
marco makkardonic_000@hotmail.com646-385-96491736NY my name is Marco Makkar i am looking for a team to join. i have't played us tournament for 5 years but i play internationally representing the USA (Paralympic team), so my rating is about high 1900
Michael Guozguo2000@yahoo.com832-273-12171416TXlooking for 2 more players to make a group of three around the rating 1400-1500
Mohit Shahmshah69@gmail.com24021021501654MDOffensive player looking for the team of average rating 1750-1800.
Neslihan 6464942866960NYHi all, I play around 1200-1300, looking for a team! Text or email is the best.
Nina LeveneNLEVENE@OUTLOOK.COM40431463621000VALooking for a team.
Oluwachehoun Guiganfode Info@spinblocktabletennis.com317-409-62682350INNeed 1-2 players around 2300+ to join 2 players.
Omar Maceomace1776@hotmail.com862-452-04631431NJI’m one of the players that won last year division 12 Gordon’s War I’m seeking to play for a team this year
Roman OSMANOVosmar92@yahoo.com63155275162281NElooking for team with players over 2250-2300. My rating 2281, highest- 2360
Shahir Qadiriqadirishahir@gmail.com240 344 98911950VAMy current USATT rating is outdated, it is from July. Currently playing at 1950-2050 level. Looking for a team.
Shahir Qadiriqadirishahir@gmail.com240 344 98912000VALooking for a 3rd player with rating of 2000+
Shao Dinghding168@gmail.com67860287790GAI have a team for sale at the total cost of $500 (with 3 players rating fees). Please email me for request ASAP.
SophieCao9173626639600MDSophie is a beginning. Looking for other beginners to form a team.
Sydneysydchris2000@yahoo.com347-564-41420NYLooking for another player to form a 4-man team of Junior players average 1600 ratings.
Sydney sydchris2000@yahoo.com34756441420NYLooking for a team for a player present rating 1916 highest rating 2071 .
Tianyi ZhouYefan.eva@gmail.com34725555021450NCLeague rating over 1800 while usatt around 1400 and looking for steam with similar level. Age 13
Tigersimhan007@gmail.com31247692292000ILLooking for 4 member team averaging between 2000-2100 to be the 5th player.
Tom kekymortgagecorp@yahoo.com70398118880MDI have a team available for sale for $600 . 7039811888 or 301 7932889
Tony Maofficialtonyma@gmail.com73285326702025NCLooking for a team with average rating around 2000-2100
Tung PhamPhamtungvt@gmail.com71427772072476CALooking for team average rating above 2400
vibert williamsorinwilliams917-804-54031906looking for a team to play on.
WAYNE Gwaynegeorge100@yahoo.com0NClooking for a player around 21xx or higher to complete a team. Please email ASAP. Thanks!
WAYNE Gwaynegeorge100@yahoo.com2110NCLooking for a player around 2100 (ideally 2100-2200) to make a team. We have registered the team early for a reduced team fee. May have a coach to help if we want...THX.
William Linunitedlogo@aol.com310-918-41882147CALooking to join a team to be the 3rd or 4th player. I am currently living in Baltimore until mid December.
Yiduo Huanghuangying2205@sina.com98483361561000NCI'm a ten years old girl and come from China,looking for a 2-4 person team with an average of 1000+.