Teamfinder for the 2018 JOOLA NA Teams

There are currently 494 players in 151 teams for the 2018 JOOLA NA Teams, November 23 through 25 in Washington, DC.

Database last updated: 2018-09-17 09:55:43 EDT

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Chandru Krishnanchandruk68@gmail.com416-538-95642000CA Hi, looking for a team for the NA Teams tournament in Washington.
Tung PhamPhamtungvt@gmail.com71427772072476CALooking for team average rating above 2400
alberto gnopgnipster@gmail.com0GALooking for four players to complete a team of 5. Looking for players 1500+ rating.
Tigersimhan007@gmail.com31247692292000ILLooking for 4 member team averaging between 2000-2100 to be the 5th player.
Roman OSMANOVosmar92@yahoo.com63155275162281NElooking for team with players over 2250-2300. My rating 2281, highest- 2360
Omar Maceomace1776@hotmail.com862-452-04631431NJI’m one of the players that won last year division 12 Gordon’s War I’m seeking to play for a team this year
Dennis Coppolarudy12dcdaz@gmail.com1770NJLooking for a team for NA teams tournament in DC
Robert E Hodgsonrobert.hodgson1957@gmail.com85662987451870NJHave purchased a team and looking for 3 more players 1900-2000 to make a team of 4. My current USATT league rating is 1925.
Di Liudiliuangus@gmail.com90231743582018NSCanada Nova Scotia Table Tennis Association top player. I am looking for a team with similar ratings.
Albert Chieuachieu00@gmail.com917-774-63621800NYLooking for a 3-4 person team with an average of 1800-1900.
marco makkardonic_000@hotmail.com646-385-96491736NY my name is Marco Makkar i am looking for a team to join. i have't played us tournament for 5 years but i play internationally representing the USA (Paralympic team), so my rating is about high 1900
Alfred Johnajohn@fmav.ca64792719661800ONHello, Historically I am 2080 player but had a bad tournament last year and lost quite a bit of points. I am looking for a team to play on this year. I am from Ontario Canada
Daniel Huangdaniel_huang2005@yahoo.ca2060ONHi, I would like to join a team at the Division C or D level.
Asif ud-Doulauddoula@gmail.com2000PALong-pips consistent player looking for a team to join. My League Rating, more reflective of my current skills, is close to 2100.
Ancil Russellancilrussell@hotmail.com86878413502038TRWe are currently looking for a 3rd player with a rating of 2050 to 2150 to make up a team of 3.
Linda Shulukeshu01@gmail.com281-846-91182091TXIf you have purchased a team last year but cannot play, please let me know and contact me via email or text. We are planning for a team of 3 in the range of 2050-2350.
Michael Guozguo2000@yahoo.com832-273-12171416TXlooking for 2 more players to make a group of three around the rating 1400-1500
Nina LeveneNLEVENE@OUTLOOK.COM40431463621000VALooking for a team.
Ayan Bagchiayankbagchi@gmail.com202.591.77921752VAI'm looking for a team 1800-1900. I can ONLY play on Saturday, November 24th, but am willing to play ALL matches and split cost evenly.
David Xiaodavidfxiao@gmail.com57357812301313VALooking for a 3-4 person team of around 1400-1500 players. (I’m very underleveled.) I have a discount option of $150 if the team name is changed.