Teamfinder for the 2021 JOOLA NA Teams

There are currently 623 players in 180 teams for the 2021 JOOLA NA Teams, November 26 through 28 in Washington, DC.

Database last updated: 2021-10-22 18:57:01 UTC

7 Team Finder requests pending approval.

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Emily N Scott-Cruzemilynscottcruz@gmail.com82880873280NCHI! I posted a while ago, but my rating has gone up to 1230. I had been contacted by someone who needed a teammate, but lost my contacts and would LOVE if they could reach out again!!1
Kuiyu 916–12290NYLooking to purchase a team spot. Please feel free to contact me if you want to sell. Call or Text.
Emily Scott Cruzemilynscottcruz@gmail.com82880873281104NCLooking to join a team. My league rating is upper 1500s. Happy to travel pretty much anywhere within reason before the tournament to meet and train for a weekend too!
chun fanfanchun1976@gmail.com61250150181300MNwe have a team with 2 players, and looking for a third team player >1200
David Yoodasetri@yahoo.com20187026331482NJLooking for a player, preferably from NY or NJ, rated close 1600.
Steve Zhongorncsu08@gmail.com91920846081533NCLooking to join a team, email or text. 48056096691755GALooking to join a team with average rating above 1800
marco makkarmarco.makkar@my.liu.edu646-385-96491779NYlooking to joint a team
Saraansh Wadkarsaraanshwadkar@gmail.com24037090171780MDI am looking for a team around 1750 rating
Ayan Bagchiayankbagchi@gmail.com20259177921795VAInterested in a team. See rating history to see JOOLA Teams performance.
Chongsheng Kangkang13932869920@gmail.com61098283281847PAInterested in joining a team, email or text
Vibert Williamsorinwill@msn.com34727513721866NY
George Davisomtun@yahoo.com48021386241869ARI would like to join a team with players > 1870 rating.
Allan Anzagiraaanzagira1917NYI am looking to join a team with about 2000 rating.
Konstantyn team of 4 averaging 2000 is looking for an experienced player of our level. Preference to local players but will consider others with Joola Teams experience
Jerry Zhangwanyuan@gmail.com83222817971980TXlooking for a team to join in, other players 2000+ level
RENZO ZEBALLOS GONZALEZ 9535431102000We are players from Peru, South America
Risheetha would like to join a team with about 2050 rating.
Tom Orlikthomasorlik@gmail.com2030VIHi - I'd like to join a team with a rating of >2000
Simon Shtofmakhersimonsb87@gmail.com97322405372178NJI am looking to join a team with rating around 2200.
Thor Truelsonttviking@yahoo.com61232544432190WALooking to either join a team or to perhaps buy out the spot of a defunct team. Call or text.
Philippe Dassonvalyomango35@hotmail.com71841572602198NYLooking for a team . Solid 2200 level.
Roman Osmanovosmar92@yahoo.com63155275162226NJneed 2 players with over 2300
Michael Guoxuand88@yahoo.com83287837582249TEHi, my name is Michael Guo and I am 2249. I have a team however don't have any players on my team. I'm looking for people around 2200-2300.
Sushant Lebakaslebaka1@gmail.com732-979-05512369NEInterested in joining a team with players around 2300-2400.