Teamfinder for the 2017 JOOLA NA Teams

There are currently 449 players in 131 teams for the 2017 JOOLA NA Teams, November 24 through 26 in Washington, DC.

Database last updated: 2017-09-21 10:53:06 EDT

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Yi Hehydinghua@gmail.com90824612040NJ
Luke Shulukeshu01@gmail.com0TXLooking for three 2050-2250 rated players to join a 4-person team.
Radek Wtorkowski magisterm3@yahoo.com631-445-1456247NYI am looking for a team to put my son Jonathan on. His tournament rating is 247 and his more accurate USATT league rating is over 600. If you have a team with kids and can add one more please call me
Robert E Hodgsonrobert_hodgson@netzero.net856-629-87451836NJHighest rating 1925. Looking to join a 4-person team with average team rating near mine. (phone is landline = no text).
Ayan Bagchiayankbagchi@gmail.com20259177921847VAI am a 1850 - 1930 caliber player that is looking for a team of 4 players with ratings from 1875 - 2050. I prefer to play with adults as I'm in my late 30's, but am open to any team.
HAO songhao198846@hotmail.com571-340-83561850VAI am a short pips player trying to find a team to play Joola tournament in National Habor in DC. If any team needs additional player, let me know. Thanks
Ancil Russell 868 784 13502100TRI am a 2050 to 2150 caliber player that is looking for a team of 3 or 4 with similar ratings.
DJ Settlelooper1984@gmail.com2170NCLooking for two more 2100-2200 rated players to join a 4 man team. Would consider a 5 man team.