Teamfinder for the 2019 JOOLA NA Teams

There were ultimately 1083 players in 272 teams for the 2019 JOOLA NA Teams, November 29 through December 1 in Washington, DC.

Database last updated: 2019-12-06 13:15:17 EST

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Aabid Sheikhcoachaabid@gmail.com617 818 99601338MAPlease don't underestimate me. I'm a coach and a player around 1600-1700 rating. Looking for a team to join if anyone interested let me know you will get a good coach in the team.
Albert Chieuachieu00@gmail.com91777463621827NYLooking for a 3-4 person team with an average of 1800-1900.
Allan Anzagiraaanzagira@gmail.com33668691611817NOLooking for a 4th player within rating of 1400 - 2000 to join team NNTTC. One person is dropping out of the team at this time.
AnandAnandkhera26@gmail.com718-813-41351300NELooking for a team from 1300 to 1600
April Liuliuh@bellsouth.net40458384650GALooking to purchase a team.
Big Mean Spin Machinefomin@hotmail.comn/a1986MALooking for the fifth player (preferably a "veteran", but that is not a dealbreaker) with rating in 1900-2100 range to be the fifth player on our team (Big Mean Spin Machine).
Binbinwca@gmail.com713-979-62840TELooking to purchase one or two teams with discount price
Brandon Gresham-Geigerbrandong599@gmail.com40432390731923GALooking for a team of fun players around my age(im 24) and rating.
Carlos Contrerasccontreras@arlingtonva.us703-48992881629VALocal, I offer myself to play as a back up player, rating is just a number.
Cheryl Chencherylychen@yahoo.com703-839-20370VASelling my team $649 + $90 (3 players) = $739. Please call/text me if you are interested.
Daniel Dreanodadreano@gmail.com91992449471677NCHave a team of 3, looking for one more. Preferably from NC.
David StoutStoutdb@gmail.com317-409-62692100INHave a 2200 player a 2170 player and myself and looking for another player 2150 +.
David Yoodasetri@yahoo.com20187026331650NJLooking for a player rated around 1600 to join our team. Currently have two players.
DENNIS NORMANHISGLORY43@GMAIL.COM703-975-18292011MDLooking for a team. Defensive long pip player
Frederick Nicolasfnicolass@hotmail.com54042936391983VALooking for one player to complete a team of 4 with a rating of 2050+.
George Nicholasnicksdist@gmail.com91759316381914NYLooking to join a team in need of a good player.
George Yanggxynew@hotmail.com42540826281951WAThere will be 4 players in our team. The team name is Pips U out
Hoang M. Tranmikedanlove2@gmail.com507 271 70151690TXI can play team level between 1600 to 1900
jamaal abramsjamaal.abrams@gmail.com34773718382037NYlooking to join a team with rating above 2000/2100/2150 my rating 2037 thanking you please call/text/email
Jaymo Durhamsmashtabletennis@gmail.com44133223080MALooking to purchase a team at discount rate.
Joseph L Sianosianoj7@students.rowan.edu610-585-63871031NJI'm an intermediate plaayer looking to play with great people for this great tournamen.
Joshua AcevedoJAcevedo@BASystemsIntegration.com78622717941745FLLooking to join a team. Rating 1745.
Juan PenaJpena3331@gmail.com917-613-31852165NYLooking to purchase 1 teams at discount prices
lanfei chenchenlanfei@gmail.com91729341601762NYlooking for a team that I can join. I use handshake paddle. back hand is longpip, forehand is pip-in
Liang Liungliung@mit.edu78188808062212MAMy Daylight team (10-12 years old) is looking for another player around same age with rating 500-1000.
Lidney Castrolidney1986@gmail.cpm30125069312532MDLooking for a 2500+ player to join our team. Please contact me.
MAKKAR, MARCOmarco.makkar@my.liu.edu64638596491738NYlooking to be part of a team. only play international lately Paralympic tournaments . league rating silver medalist Lima 2019.
Marcel Dupontmarceldacs317@gmail.com63039009071816NYLooking for a team around 1800-1900
Mario Álvarez 70298079092129NVHello friends! I want to form a team that is competitive. But if you want to include me in some team I am available
Mark Conradconradmark75@yahoo.com210-803-26282102TXLooking to purchase a team for 3-4 2100-2300 players
mauricio vergaramauricio_vergara6401@yahoo.com917-406-72592100NYInterested in playing some matches
Mudit for a team 2450-2500 level. Email me please! Thanks
Nina Levenenlevene@outlook.com4043146362800NCLooking to join a team. Can play on Friday and Saturday only. Would prefer beginner adult team
Parsva Shahgowuemama@gmail.com60972108461576NCHi, I'm looking for a team of 2 or 3. I am rated as 1576 but I play like a 1800.
PAUL R NUNEZpaulrnunez@aol.com914-309-69601516NYLOOKING FOR A TEAM AROUND 1450 1650
Phil Dadzie phildadzie@gmail.com21562656941881NOHi i am looking for a team to play with in the teams tournament. I would prefer playing with mid to upper 1800s, 1900s and 2000 rated players in a team.
Radha Krushnakrkm1974@hotmail.com48056096691707GALooking for a player around 1600 to 1700 to join our Team.Currently have 2 players.
Renzo 9535431102300To participe in this tournament and get experience playing a lot of matches
ROBERT E HOOVERrh491425@gmail.com55123808070NJLooking for a 4 or 5 person team my last known rating was in 2012 in upper 1800.
Shahirqadirishahir@gmail.com24034498912100VILooking to join a team of 2100+ players
Shawn Liuxliu98@gmail.com77040931781920GAhas paid for a team, looking for 2 players 2050+, I will cover all registration cost.
Shigang Yangsgy_1977@yahoo.com67846906500GAWe are looking for one player rating around 2250-2300 to join our team
Simon ShtofmakherSIMONSB87@GMAIL.COM97322405372145NELooking for a team around 2200
Steve Stevephamous_steve@yahoo.com646 470 63991600NCLocal club rating is 1700+. Looking to join a team. Athletic, focused player. I play with short and long pips which is always a plus to a team. Let's win.
Sydney Christophesydchris2000@yahoo.com34756441420NYLooking to purchase 2 teams at discount prices
Tim Huiintegragsr6@aim.com21583986881859PALooking to join a team. I am an all-around club player that plays with anti, short-pip, long-pip, and inverted. I'm a great practice partner
Tony Maofficialtonyma@gmail.com73285326702050NCLooking for a 3rd teammate, 2000+. Preferably 21yrs and under
Trevor Dengtrevordeng@gmail.com41521584862100CALooking to purchase a team at regular price or join a team of players around 2100.
vickybna@usc.edu94938307872150NChas a discounted team, looking for 2-3 2150+ players to join
Wantong Liuwantong0630@live.cn67873507880TELooking to purchase a team.
Willwshortz@aol.com914-769-91280NYLooking for a player in the 1300-1600 range to complete a team, due to someone who's registered having to drop out.
Willwshortz@aol.com914-769-91280NYLooking for one player in the 900-1300 range to complete a four-person team
Winnie Yeungmyeung9@gatech.edu40426842041900GALooking for a 4th player on team GTCU around 1850-2000 level. Thanks!
Yifei Fangyunfang.liu2016@gmail.com21499143582027TE Looking for 1 player rated 2050+ to join our discounted team
Yuqiao Zoulijinglijingny@gmail.com34755852571783NY15 years old. Prefer playing with teenager team. Playing with adult team also is good. Captain of the Champion team of Division 10 in 2018 North American Team Championships.
Yuri Godinyurigodin@yahoo.com70484687581521NCLooking for 3-4 players in the 1700 range to join a registered team.
Ziyou Liziyoufreedom@gmail.com60722038071468VALocal player looking for joining a team. Call/text me any time if your team need a backup.