Teamfinder for the 2017 JOOLA NA Teams

There are currently 570 players in 160 teams for the 2017 JOOLA NA Teams, November 24 through 26 in Washington, DC.

Database last updated: 2017-10-16 14:01:36 EDT

To add yourself or your team to the list, fill in your contact information and a description of what you are looking for and click on Add. Your entry will be made public after it has been reviewed by NATT.

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Alberto Prietognopgnipster@gmail.com77088331380GAI am looking for three players rated 1600 to 1900 for 5 player team.
Alex Yangnewgyusa@gmail.com67846906501916GAWe are looking for 3rd or 4th player join our team . The rating around 2100
Alireza Khatibiweblog.maryam@gmail.com60726261351322CAMy current rating is 1322 but I'm having fast improvements and I'll be over 1450 for sure. I'm looking to join a team of 2 or 3 (to become 3 or 4) who are around my rating.
Ancil Russell 868 784 13502100TRI am a 2050 to 2150 caliber player that is looking for a team of 3 or 4 with similar ratings.
Arun Roopnarinegemianj@hotmail.com86868458792250TRI am a 2250 rated player looking for a team of similar level. Last played in NATT . My record in 25 matches 17 wins- 8 losses to higher rated players
Ayan Bagchiayankbagchi@gmail.com20259177921847VAI am a 1850 - 1930 caliber player that is looking for a team of 4 players with ratings from 1875 - 2050. I prefer to play with adults as I'm in my late 30's, but am open to any team.
Benjamin Kangjin.kang@salientcrgt.com70320709591619VAMy rating is from last year's Joola game. My current level should be around 1700. Looking for a team of 3 or 4 with similar ratings(1600 -- 1750).
Chi Chanchopper32808@yahoo.com2069FLLooking for a 4th person , so far we have 3 need someone over 2050. Our ratings are 2069 , 2055 and 2152
DJ Settlelooper1984@gmail.com2170NCLooking for two more 2100-2200 rated players to join a 4 man team. Would consider a 5 man team.
Ethan Ruanmichellewang1@yahoo.com67879342422100GELooking for 2-3 players (2050~) to form a team.
George DavisPA10T@hotmail.com1868AZLooking for a team with = or > rating.
HAO songhao198846@hotmail.com571-340-83561850VAI am a short pips player trying to find a team to play Joola tournament in National Habor in DC. If any team needs additional player, let me know. Thanks
Jack LamJacklam81@yahoo.com2060Two players are looking for a team at 2050-2150 level.
Jackie fengFengjacky8@gmail.com26788608961982PAI am 1982 rating player looking for a team of similar level . If any team need additional player call me or email thanks !
Joshua Gonggwu1998@yahoo.com70356827242046VAOur team is looking for 3rd and possibly 4th player with ratings around 2050.
Luke Shulukeshu01@gmail.com0TXLooking for three 2050-2250 rated players to join a 4-person team.
mikexinshenghh@yahoo.com1877MDlooking for 4th player 1820+
Nobuyuki Shiogainobuyuki.shiogai@gmail.com1983COOur team is looking for the 4th player with the rating around 2000. Please send me an email if you are interested in.
Radek Wtorkowski magisterm3@yahoo.com631-445-1456247NYI am looking for a team to put my son Jonathan on. His tournament rating is 247 and his more accurate USATT league rating is over 600. If you have a team with kids and can add one more please call me
Rick Muellerrick@austintabletennis.net512-491-76642021TXAustin Table Tennis is looking for 1) players rating 2000-2200 to join our A team; 2) players 1400-1600 for B team; and 3) players 1000-1300 for C team. Interested players call 512-491-7664
Tung Phamphamtungvt@gmail.com71427772072431CALooking for team having same rating players for 1 division.
Wesley Fanwesleyhfan@gmail.com90835878112347NJI am looking to play division 1 hopefully. If there are other 2300+ looking to team up let me know! I'm a right handed shakehand player.
Yi Hehydinghua@gmail.com90824612040NJ
Zixiang Menglaim_1999@yahoo.com97297723292483TXWe have two players on the team. Another member rating is around 2250. Looking for 3rd player whose rating around 2300 to form a team.