Teamfinder for the 2022 JOOLA NA Teams

There are currently 456 players in 140 teams for the 2022 JOOLA NA Teams, November 25 through 27 in Washington, DC.

Database last updated: 2022-08-12 23:57:28 UTC

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Emile GoldsteinEmile.Goldstein@gmail.com917-902-47862238NYLooking for two players 2200+ for division B
Enes Sertm.enessert@gmail.com41020614761738MDI am looking for an empty team spot to purchase. Please contact me if you are not going to be attending this year.
Katie Wang vbpingpong@gmail.com80471230991308VA9 years old. Professional training 2hrs everyday. Hope to join a team of younger girls (or kids) with similar ratings.
Lennox Douglasdouglalm@yahoo.com267-246-55052164PAI am looking for a 2300 Team/or higher. I am playing at about 2250.
Qi Guoblackfootus@gmail.com85829811191844NJa very aggressive penholder player looking to join a team.
Robert Hooverrh491425@gmail.com55123808071536NJLooking for a player at least 1300 to 1500 to join our team.
Tim huiintegragsr6@aim.com21583986881835PALooking for a team doesn't matter the rating just want to have fun with a good group.